Open SourceThe company Digia introduced the release IDE Qt Creator 2.7, designed to create cross-platform applications using the library Qt.

Supports the development of both classical programming in C + +, and use the language QML, for a specific scenario that uses JavaScript, and the structure and parameters of the interface elements are defined CSS-like blocks. Qt Creator source code distributed under license LGPL.

Among the most interesting improvements include:

– Experimental support assembly tools QBS (Qt Build Suite), designed to build applications based on a file with a set of rules formed using a simplified dialect of QML. Expanding the use of QML leeway in constructing rules and allows you to create svobstvennye rules. Unlike qmake or CMake, QBS directly causes compiler and linker, taking on the role of make and rasparallelivaya assembly process in multiple threads. To enable support for QBS in – Qt Creator to activate the plugin QbsProjectManager, which is off by default; Continue reading