Payday 2Overkill Software supported publisher 505 Games had a full presentation Payday 2. According to the announcement, the protagonist of the new cooperative shooter will become well known for the original quartet of robbers – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Cheyns. The gang will move to Washington, DC, to make the previously unknown offense.

In Payday 2 will be “criminal network” CRIMENET. With it, players will be able to plan a robbery and kidnapping, and commit serious cybercrime. According to the developers, the second part, we will not just “get rich with good”, but also to carry out any kind of “order.” The stronger the team becomes, the more work it would appear. In other words, the more experienced of our “heroes”, the more serious task. All of this is directly related to the character customization system and production of weapons. Well, since we’re talking about jobs, not superfluous to mention a new category of missions called Watchdogs. Here, players will act as drug couriers. Continue reading