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Playstation 4 vs Xbox OneWith the announcement of the game and media console new generation of Xbox One passed three weeks and yesterday, Microsoft has finally disclosed the cost of the device: it was at the upper limit of analysts’ expectations, a very risky area, according to them: $ 499.

Recall that the Xbox One runs on the 8-core CPU / GPU, equipped with 8 GB of RAM, drive Blu-ray, hard drive to 500 GB, USB 3.0 interface and protocol support Wi-Fi Direct. Over the past three weeks, figured out some more details on the features of the Kinect sensor and of the console Xbox One, including the requirement of mandatory access to the Internet. Continue reading

Playstation 4 - E3 conferenceOn passing the Los Angeles E3 conference, Sony released new data on the upcoming release of the Playstation 4.

The company said that the new product should go on sale in November this year at a price of 399 dollars or 399 euros, 100 dollars less than the Microsoft Xbox One. “The gaming landscape is changing due to new models and new principles of the game” – says Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Ovations plucked Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment America. It is reported that Sony will offer gamers a much more liberal environment of the games. First, he said that gamers can use the license disks used on their consoles, which will conduct a secondary buy / sell CDs. Secondly, Playstation 4 will not require mandatory connection to the Internet for software verification and authentication of the console games. Microsoft previously announced that Xbox One can not work without a network connection at entry console and run some games. Continue reading

PS4 Xbox One E3Ubisoft and Electronic Arts presented a new games for the PS4 and Xbox One

Games publishers, the company Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, independently of each other in the framework of ongoing conference E3, presented their gaming news.

In total, the two companies have shown nearly two dozen new games as well as extensions of previously released projects. Presented how the projects for the new Xbox One, and for the Playstation 4.

Among the announcements of Ubisoft can be distinguished projects such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Just Dance 2014, Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy’s The Division. Ubisoft reported that in October this year will release the game Rocksmith in 2014, is a music simulation game console. Along with him, Ubisoft also presented and Just Dance in 2014, continued her dance simulator. Both games come out like on Xbox One, and the PS4. Continue reading

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