Intel PentiumIntel Corp. this week celebrates 20 years of production of the first microprocessor Pentium family.

Release of these chips was the turning part of the strategy of the world’s largest manufacturer of processors. In fact, after the release of Pentium processor vendors have positioned itself as a brand of the CPU, and not as one of the nodes of a computer system.

Pentium chips have replaced the unnamed Intel processor 486. Following the logic of the corporation, Pentium chips would have called 586, but marketers Corporation concluded that the release of chips under the original brand would be the best publicity move. And they were right. Corporation was able to patent the Pentium chips as a trademark, as with anonymous 486 that was to be done. Simultaneously with the release of Pentium, the corporation has established a well-known logo Intel Inside, indicating the presence of processors from this company.

Initially (22 March 1993) was presented only two models based on the core P5 at 60 and 66 MHz. Were later released and more efficient processor Pentium, based on the improved kernels. Also, presented a mobile version and CPU Pentium OverDrive. The first Pentium chips manufactured on 800-nm technology and contain 3.1 million transistors. For comparison, the current Core i7 are available on the 22-nm technology and have 1.4 billion transistors. Continue reading