Childproof Tablet

In this day and age where technology has practically taken over, parents are definitely under additional pressure from their children to buy them the newest gadgets that are released.

However, with all the negative impact that is said to come from full exposure to the internet and technology, how can you customise these products to become child friendly?

Today we will be looking at how you can customise a Tablet so that it’s safe for your child. Let’s get to it.

Tweaking the Restrictions and Privacy Settings

Tweaking the device’s restriction and privacy settings will help you to monitor what your child is able to view. These settings will allow you to filter the apps and content that your child gets access to using the criteria that you set.

Be sure to consider your child’s age and level of responsibility when customising these settings. Luckily, on most applications and devices the procedure is the same. Simply follow these easy steps: Continue reading