3D PrinterTechnology just never ceases to amaze us every time with the new discoveries and innovations it brings. It defies what people think are impossible. And a testament to this is 3D printers.

At first, people could not comprehend a unit that can print 3D images. But comes this printer, we were mind blown. It sure is amazing to own this kind of printer but just like anything, a good dissection of the product is needed before you cash in the money and consider it a smart purchase. So to help you with that, here is a quick review on Cubify’s Cube 3D printers.

Before anything, you must know that the printer ink in this unit is different from the liquid ink used in 2D printers which prints documents. It makes use of a plastic filament that fastens to the left side of the printer and feeds up through the nozzle for the printing. This unit, in particular uses compostable PLA and recyclable ABS. Continue reading