Retail ShoppingOwners of small shop in Brisbane (Australia) came up with an effective way to deal with those who come to him only to get acquainted with the product and then buy it online.

Today, many visitors exploring cheap goods on the shelves only to buy it later at a lower price in the online store or at one of the big supermarket chains.

Australian businessmen decided urgent problem by charging a small fee for entrance to the store. After paying $ 5 entrance fee, customers can freely explore assortment on the shelves. In the case of purchase money taken “per view”, returned to the client.

It can be assumed that the sale of “tickets” can have a negative impact on the reputation of the store and reduce the inflow of visitors. However, the traders themselves, reshivshiesya this step has not yet been found to have major negative impacts. According to the owner of the store, most of the “real” buyers are forced to this measure with understanding and approval. Continue reading