Virtual Private NetworkVPN, or Virtual Private Network – is a cryptosystem that helps protect data when transmitted over an insecure network, such as the Internet.

Despite the fact that this description is suitable for cryptographic SSH, VPN has a different focus. SSH was designed as a means for the user to safely enter and remotely control another computer.

The purpose of VPN – transparent access to network resources, where the user can do what he usually does, regardless of how it is removed. For this reason, VPN has gained popularity among remote employees and offices that need to share resources geographically dispersed networks.

VPN connection is always made from the channel point-to-point, also known as the tunnel. The tunnel is created in an insecure network, as which are performed on the Internet. Point-to-point means that it is always between two computers, called nodes or peers. Each peer is responsible for encrypting data before it enters the tunnel and interpretation of the data after they leave the tunnel. Continue reading