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Power DVD 12Previously, PowerDVD was intended exclusively for watching movies on the DVD-ROM on your computer.

PowerDVD – the magic power of cinema (part 1)

Now PowerDVD is the main software for video formats. It is intended for use as a universal media library and a media player for various media and files.

Cataloger is divided into six categories:

– Library of media files – folders are added here on the computer that monitors and PowerDVD automatically parses them by type of data – video, photos, audio;

– My computer – in fact, the usual file manager that allows you to dig any file from anywhere on your computer or on the connected drives;

– Device – recognized separately allocated attached peripheral devices – flash drives, iPods, mobile devices, including those that are equipped with PowerDVD remote (remote control, which is used as your phone); Continue reading

Power DVD 12Once upon a time, a little program PowerDVD was intended for viewing movies on DVD-ROM on your computer.

PowerDVD – the magic power of cinema (part 2)

It provides the necessary functionality that allows to use all features of this video format: title menu, the selection of audio tracks, subtitles, capture frames and some other useful features.

But gradually, not least thanks to the marketing policy of the company CyberLink (on all laptops that I bought was installed or OEM-specific version or a demo of the program), PowerDVD becoming more and more popular.

At present, I think, PowerDVD is the main software for viewing video in any format along with ACDSee image viewer, Photoshop for graphics and Word for work with text (of course, it is a paid software license). Continue reading

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