NSA has access to all popular smartphonesThe U.S. National Security Agency has the ability to read user data on the three most popular smartphone platforms, including the protected platform BlackBerry, Spiegel reported.

NSA created a special group to work with mobile platforms. Group worked on interception of contact lists, SMS-trafic location data of users, as well as some documents. The article indicates that the NSA has access to at least 38 features of iPhone, and in addition, NSA also has access to computers when users connect their mobile devices to synchronize.

The article did not provide specific details on how exactly the NSA acts, so it is unclear whether they use undocumented features of mobile phones, or get the access from the operator, or NSA use some other methods. Spiegel asked the press service of the BlackBerry for comments, but they said they never build-in any “engineering master keys” to its products; however BlackBerry declined to comment possible cooperation with the NSA. Continue reading