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KDE Plasma ActiveThe KDE project has announced the release of user interface Plasma Active 4, based on KDE technology and is optimized for use on touch-screen devices.

Basic user interface Plasma Active is designed for use on a Tablet PC, but can be adapted for smart phones, set-top boxes , media centers and home automation systems, automotive infotainment systems and other devices with touch screens.

The key difference from existing popular mobile platforms – Plasma Active is targeting to use the device as a personal digital assistant, which occupy a central position data and user tasks, rather than the delivery of disparate collection of applications. All parts of the Plasma Active are part of a single system and is closely integrated. From the classic versions for PC and netbooks KDE Plasma Active is different different approach to the organization of interaction with the user, implying control via gesture control and manipulation of the touch screen, combined with the activation of the concept of rooms (Activities), isolating the different activities. Continue reading

KDE Tablet VivaldiAaron Seigo, the main developer of KDE-shell Plasma, announced the delivery of the first copies of the KDE tablet Vivaldi for testing.

It turns out that on the same day as Canonical announcing Edge smart-phone, the first KDE Vivaldi tablets happened to be shipping. Currently, certification unit in EC / FCC has not yet passed, so the test samples are distributed in a narrow range of developers. Nevertheless, it is reassuring to know that the project is in a year of stagnation (originally, in the market has been scheduled for May 2012), off the ground.

Initially, the tablet from the KDE project planned to release on the basis of OEM-ready models from one of the Chinese manufacturers. Said device has a sufficiently mediocre performance and have difficulty organizational plan, so in the end it was decided using a different filling the hardware-based dual-core SoC and the screen of higher quality. The software is based on the user’s environment KDE Plasma Active and system components from the project Mer (a fork of MeeGo). Continue reading

CalligraRelease of free office suite Calligra 2.6, marked a shift in the development cycle is synchronized with the KDE release engineering.

This is the third stable release from the development branch of the KOffice project in December 2010. The base uses a format Open Document (ODF). Ready binaries produced for Arch Linux, Fedora, FreeBSD, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Mac OS X and Windows. If such components of the package, as presentation editor, word processor and spreadsheet are focused on students and academic users, the tools to work with graphics, such as the Krita, marked as ready for professional use.

In contrast to the internal architecture of the KOffice Calligra divided into basic internal and external subsystems custom shell that allows you to create a mobile basis as a lightweight version, and full-featured versions of the office suite for the desktop. In particular, besides the version for desktop-based package developed Calligra Calligra Active, optimized for use in Plasma Active on tablets with touch screens. Another difference from KOffice is a new user interface with support for floating toolbar that can be moved anywhere on the screen. For all applications, office suite, a single system of embedded objects, for example, the document can be embedded objects such as geometric forms and notes. Continue reading

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