PHPReleased the first beta version of PHP 5.5, which incorporates the Zend Optimizer +

Introduced the first beta version of the new large branch programming language interpreter PHP 5.5, which adds new language constructs, removing obsolete features and integrated Zend Optimizer +. PHP 5.5 release is expected in a few months.

New features include PHP 5.5:

– The composition is enabled for caching and optimizing bytecode Zend Optimizer +, previously shipped with a proprietary package Zend Server, but recently translated by Zend Technologies in the category of free software projects. Zend Optimizer + provides a means to accelerate the execution of scripts in PHP, with the technique of the opcode cache and the use of additional optimizations. Precompiled code scripts cached in shared memory, thus avoiding the execution stage to read from disk, parsing and compiling source code scripts when you restart. Continue reading