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Mobile Phone Monitoring SoftwareThere are many reasons and indeed, many benefits of using cell phone monitoring software on your mobile devices.

We know that mobile phones and smartphones are able to make our lives far more convenient by enabling us to keep in contact with everyone, all the time. With a cell phone you can send text messages, make phone calls, and take photos and record videos. Many mobile phones also allow you to use GPS, surf the web and check your email. Therefore, parents give their children cell phones and many businesses provide them for their employees. Continue reading

PhoneSheriff PhoneSheriff – Mobile Parental Control with GPS-tracking in real-time. PhoneSheriff 2.0 – a full surveillance for Your mobile phone or tablet

The program is designed for parental control and filter all content that is opened on a smartphone teenagers. PhoneSheriff allows you to control the contents of the child’s mobile device in real time.

In addition, the application can be used in large companies, where to keep track of what employees are doing is simply impossible. Thanks to a new application employers will be able to monitor how employees use corporate mobile phones. Thus, they can increase employee productivity and find out they are using a mobile phone for work purposes, or in most cases – for entertainment. Continue reading

Parental Control SoftwareAlthough the internet is a great source of education for children, it is the basic responsibility of parents to ensure that they do not misuse it.

It is not uncommon for minors to get carried away with unwanted things, which could easily land them up into trouble.

If the kids are at home, their parents will be able to keep an eye on them while they use the internet. Alternatively, they could also use keylogger software tools to filter and monitor online activities..

Things have changed quite dramatically in the last 4 to 5 years. With the introduction of new age smartphones and tablet PCs, children are able to access internet wirelessly. What it means is that they can do just about anything on the net, without their parents getting to learn about them.

Fortunately for the parents, many developers have come up with smartphone monitoring tools like the PhoneSheriff. However, they will need to make sure that they install such applications before they hand over a new smartphone to their precious ones. Continue reading

PhoneSheriffRetina-X Studios has announced the release for sale PhoneSheriff v2.0 for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows smartphones. This gadget allows parents to monitor, filter and limit the ‘phone’ activities of their children.

The parent sets the software to record and block activities associated with certain numbers, and can also track the location of the child through the GPS. In today’s world, parents more important than ever to stay in touch with their children.

PhoneSheriff is an application that allows parents to see their child smartphone screen at any moment, to read any text message, track every call and view all the video and photo images stored on the phone.

This program can block phone numbers from the contact list of your child via SMS or short calls. In addition, you can restrict access to any children of your applications and Web sites. Also there is a possibility of temporary restrictions on the use of the phone.

PhoneSheriff works, and how GPS-controller. This allows parents to track the exact location of their child. The gadget can also be used as an anti-theft element. If the SIM-card is changed, all of your ‘powers’ will remain intact. Application, among other things, allows parents to send hidden SMS commands to the observable phone. This allows parents at any time to know where their child by using the Instant GPS Locate. It also helps in case your phone is stolen, because Parents can thus determine its position even if the SIM card.

You can see PhoneSheriff Features in table below:

PhoneSheriff Features

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