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IPhone 5s

Want to get the most from your iPhone?  Here are some helpful secrets and shortcuts to really use it to your advantage.


Did you know that you can use the + volume button on your iPhone to take a picture?  If you turn your phone to landscape but find it awkward to hit the big home button then simply use the + volume button.  Say cheese.

You can also take a picture with a simple slide.  Slide the screen up rather than across and you can take a picture from your phone without having to open it up. Click happy.

Edit your photos using the enhancer. Change red eye, add a filter or even crop the image.  It really is that simple. Continue reading

What Apps Come With The IPhone 5s?

IPhone 5sWell, Apple’s App Store has over 900,000 apps covering work, rest and play, oh and not forgetting fitness. And you will of course be able to access this overwhelming range with the new iPhone 5s.

Hello iOS 7

But more excitingly, in line with the iPhone 5s’ new operating system, the iOS 7, developers have gone all out to create new and improved versions of their apps to utilise its features.

Built-in apps

So what comes already installed? The iOS 7 has a smart and super quick interface allowing you to easily access the phone’s built-in apps. These include familiar apps such as the camera, photos, music, messages, mail, maps, video, timer, calculator and torch. Also Safari for web browsing, FaceTime for video or just audio calls, Passbook for scanning and storing copies of your tickets, boarding passes and coupons. And not forgetting Siri. Continue reading

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