GoogleI’ve mentioned quite a few times about U.S. National Security Agency, showing you that NSA has access to data on all popular smartphones and their impact on the IPSEC and international standards. Because one of my latest article “5 Tips To Keep Your Android Data Private” was received very well, I decided to publish this article that will show you how to secure your personal data for Gmail, YouTube, Google+ and other Google Services. This article is written by Catalin Gruia of

1. Gmail, use only on a secure server.

If you want to secure your inbox and contacts, you have to option to connect to Gmail only on a secure server, no matter what device (smartphone, tablet, computer) or connection (public, unsecured Wi-Fi) are you using. To enable this option, you have to go click on the Gear Icon -> Settings -> General Tab -> Browser connection -> Choose the option “Always use https” Continue reading