OUTDATEfighterOUTDATEfighter – is a small freeware utility for Windows, which allows you to quickly and easily download and install new versions of the programs installed on your computer, as well as simplify the deployment of operating system updates.

All the user has to do is run the OUTDATEfighter and-click «Scan for Program Updates». The utility performs a neat system scan, check the current version of installed programs, and will provide you the list of available updates. To install the newer versions just click the checkbox next to the names of interest to you application and click on the «Update Selected Software». It should be noted that the update is not fully automated. OUTDATEfighter download it and run it, but the user will have to take an active part in the process of installing and personally confirm his every step. However, according to developers, even so you can save a lot of time. Continue reading