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OracleOracle not announced has changed pricing for its flagship software suite BI (Business Intelligence) Foundation Suite.

BI Foundation Suite previously sold at a price of 450,000 per processor license, but since June 25, it costs 300,000 dollars, while the user license now costs 3675 dollars.

Recall that in the BI Foundations Suite includes products such as Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 11g, BI Publisher, Essbase, Scorecard and Strategy Management and Essbase Analytics Link.

The new price tag is now working against BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus, which fell from 295,000 dollars to 221,250 dollars, and Scorecard and Strategy Management from 149 250 to 89 550 dollars. It is also appropriate to recall that earlier this year, Oracle has extended the supported data formats in BI and add the format support Apache Hadoop, as well as connectors for use with MS Excel. Continue reading

Oracle Database 12cOracle today posted on its website a new distribution flagship database Oracle Database 12c, which is now available for download to all users.

Note that the archive links on the product appeared yesterday, today users have download already the product itself, but Oracle has not yet conducted a formal presentation of new items, promising to do it “in a couple of weeks.”

Thomas Kurian, vice president of product development at Oracle, said that the 12s should be presented together with a new generation of products ligament Fusion Middleware, and the latter is expected to launch in the current quarter, which ends in August. Earlier, Oracle developer has released some preliminary versions of Database 12c, but so far the company has never reported on when we can expect the final release version of the product. Continue reading

MySQL ClusterOracle has announced the release of a new version of MySQL Cluster 7.3

The new version of the software package for the deployment of cluster configurations based on the MySQL simplifies the ability for developers to extend their applications to real-time database with high availability, scalability and fault tolerance.

MySQL Cluster provides a number of advanced features, including built-in support for foreign keys, auto installer, browser-based and improved scalability in processing streams of connections – which further helps to ensure compliance with the requirements of end-users to the database high availability requirements the new generation of cloud-based, communication and web- services.

In addition, the built-in integration with MySQL 5.6 Server enables developers to share data storage mechanisms (storage engines; component DBMS) InnoDB and MySQL Cluster in a single application based on MySQL 5.6. Continue reading

Oracle Linux 6Oracle has introduced the release of industrial distribution in Oracle Linux 6.4, created on the basis of packet-base Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4.

Distribution will be available for free download in the assemblies for x86 and x86_64 (iso-size image of 3 GB). In addition, since March 2012, for Oracle Linux open unlimited and free access to the yum-repository with binary package updates with error recovery (errata) and security issues.

Distribution of the differences between Oracle Linux 6.4 on RHEL 6.4 is celebrated bug fixes, updated drivers for network devices and storage systems. As part of Oracle Linux 6.4 comes with two options packages Linux-kernel: a classic version of the company Red Hat (kernel-2.6.32-358.el6) and created by the Oracle kernel package is Linux, based on the branch 3.0 bekportirovaniem some more new features series kernels 3.x (kernel-uek-2.6.39-400.17.1.el6uek). By default, the basic package includes two cores, but prepared in the Oracle kernel package is loaded by default. Ready-core binaries from the Oracle-compatible c RHEL distributions and src.rpm-packets presented on the site public-yum.oracle.com, where you can also download and others present in the distribution packages. Oracle does not impose any restrictions on the supply of trained in the Oracle kernel to third-party products. Continue reading

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