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Upgrade from Windows 8Free Software Foundation invited users to switch to a free operating system.

In connection with the upcoming upgrade Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue), Free Software Foundation, presented an update campaign “Upgrade from Windows 8”, organized with the purpose to suggest users of Windows cardinally to update an operating system on the computer and to get rid from the problems associated with the OS, the family of Microsoft Windows.

Campaign slogan was chosen “Close Windows, Open Doors!”,  as advertising uses images in the style of Windows 8, an infographic as a comparison of Windows and the free OS. Continue reading

Monty WideniusThe founder of MySQL proposed Business Source, a new monetization model of open source software

Michael Widenius, founder of the MySQL and MariaDB, in the process of considering possible new ways to monetize open source software offered to discuss a new concept of Business Source.

Business Source essence is to ensure that access to the product and its source code are only paid subscribers for the remaining code is sent to public access after a period of being in a restricted access. For example, after three years of limited distribution code is proposed to publish under a standard open licenses. Continue reading

ReactOS 0.3.15 Released

ReactOSAfter more than a year since the last release,  ReactOS 0.3.15 released. ReactOS is operating system open source software, aimed at ensuring compatibility with software drivers and Microsoft Windows family of NT (XP/2003/Vista).

Series 0.3.x is on the “alpha” stage of development. To test the output produced demo LiveCD (412 MB), and the images to start running different virtualization systems. Continue reading

Future of Open Source SurveyHigh quality has became the most popular factor of a choice the Enterprises of Open Source Software

Black Duck Software company and investment fund North Bridge Venture announced the publication of results of the annual survey of the future of open source software based on the identification of trends related to the use of open source software in the enterprise. As a result of preparation of the report it was interrogated 822 respondents representing consumers, and producers of open source software. Continue reading

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