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Open source newsThe following is a selection of our open source news roundup.

MidnightBSD 0.5 has been released on September 22, 2014

After years of development available to release a desktop-oriented operating system MidnightBSD 0.5.0, based on FreeBSD with elements ported from DragonFly BSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. Basic desktop environment built on GNUstep, but users have the option to install WindowMaker or Xfce 4. prepared to load the installation image, the size of 737 MB. Continue reading

Future of Open Source SurveyIn DragonFly BSD KMS adds support for Intel graphics cards

Francois Tigeot reported on the implementation of KMS module to switch to video mode kernel DragonFly BSD. Code is integrated into the master-branch git-repository DragonFly BSD. Supported graphics cards on the chipset Intel i915.

The basis was taken code for FreeBSD, which has been ported to the kernel DragonFly BSD. In addition to the Francois, the development was also attended by Aggelos Economopoulos, Johannes Hofmann and Matthew Dillon. In particular, the mechanism has been implemented PAT Matt Dillon. KMS support is required to use the latest versions of video drivers from Intel, which has been removed support for switching video modes at the user level (UMS) and left only support KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) to switch video modes at the kernel level. Continue reading

Future of Open Source SurveyOpen Source Latest News: IDE Qt Creator 2.8.0 Released, Upgrading PHP 5.3.27 and 5.4.17, PHP has moved on two positions forward in TIOBE rating, CyanogenMod 10.1.1 released, Overview of the kernel Linux.

IDE Qt Creator 2.8.0 Released

The company Digia has presented release of the IDE Qt Creator 2.8, designed to create cross-platform applications using the library Qt. Supports the development of both classical programming language C + +, and use of the language QML, for a specific scenario that uses JavaScript, and the structure and parameters of the interface elements are defined CSS-like blocks. Source code Qt Creator distributed Continue reading

Open SourceUpgrading the Linux kernel 3.0.69, 3.4.36 and 3.8.3 with vulnerabilities  fixes. Update ClamAV 0.97.7 and Puppet 3.1.1/2.7.21/2.6.18 with security fixes. Release of Wine 1.5.26.

Upgrading the Linux kernel 3.0.69, 3.4.36 and 3.8.3

Presented next corrective releases kernel Linux: 3.0.69 (patch 21) 03/04/36 (40 patches) and 3.8.3 (105 patches). As usual, in the announcement of new versions emphasizes mandatory update.

In release 3.8.3 fixed yesterday announced a vulnerability in the implementation of the namespace for non-privileged users, which allows local users to get the right root. In addition to plug the leak of information through the crypto API and fixed vulnerability (CVE-2013-1792) in the implementation keyctl, local users to cause a kernel crash. Of subsystems, which are included in non-security changes, you can note a large portion of patches in the subsystems USB, ALSA, dm (device-mapper) and drm/i915, as well as single patch in xen, kvm, efi, vfs, Btrfs, Ext4, mfd, md/raid1, md/raid10, e1000e, mac80211, CIFS, drm / radeon, ath9k, NFS. Continue reading

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