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Nokia Lumia 625 smartphoneNokia today began distribution of the “Amber” update for a new generation of Lumia family smartphones.

The new service pack will allow owners of smartphones to do more high-quality images and provide new applications to work with the camera. Recall that in the last six months, Nokia noticeably intensified efforts to release software updates for Lumia smartphones.

How to tell the Finnish company, the update Amber provides phones improved algorithms to reduce noise in the picture, more accurately convey the color and improve the operation of the automatic focus. On the Lumia 920 ISO-settings after the upgrade increases from 800 to 3200, allowing the camera to shoot in dark locations. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 625 smartphoneFinnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia today presented the new member in the line of Lumia smartphones.

The new device Lumia 625 is based on a large screen, but has a relatively low price. Analysts say that Nokia product strategy approaches to Samsung, which is trying to fill the market as soon as possible a large variety of smartphones.

The new device Lumia 625 has 4.7 inches and costs 220 euros. For comparison, the previously submitted Lumia 620 has a 3.8-inch screen. Recall that just last week, the company revealed a new flagship Lumia smartphone-1020, equipped with a 41 megapixel camera. Continue reading

Jolla Sailfish PhoneThe company Jolla, founded by former employees of Nokia to develop new smartphone, built on Linux-based platform MeeGo, announced the first phone based on the platform Sailfish.

The phone will be available in late 2013 and will be priced at 399 euros ($ 513). Pre-orders for the phone will be taken in the coming days.

Of the features of the device there is a 4.5-inch screen (720p), a dual-core processor, support for 4G/LTE, 16GB Flash, 8-megapikcelnaya autofocus camera, microSD, MicroUSB. Continue reading

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