Media player Nightingale screenshotAfter one-year of development presents a new release of the Media Player Nightingale, within which develops fork the Songbird project, providing a full platform support Linux, along with Windows and Mac OS X.

The basic part of the player is available under the licenses GPL. The components borrowed from the Mozilla, licensed under MPL and BSD.  The presented release of Nightingale is synchronized with the code’s  base Songbird 2.2.0.

Project Nightingale was founded by independent enthusiasts in April 2010, shortly after the deal Songbird oversees the firm with the company Philips, resulting in major efforts were made to support the development of Windows and Mac OS X, and Linux has been removed from the status of officially supported platform. Informal build Songbird for Linux is still going to enthusiasts, but lag on the realized and opportunities do not pass a full test cycle. Continue reading