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GoogleGoogle has released a module speed up the loading of web-pages PageSpeed ​​for Nginx

Google has presented a module ngx_pagespeed, in which was prepared the analogue for the previously developed for the http-server Apache module mod_pagespeed. Running as a module inside Nginx, ngx_pagespeed rewrites your webpages to make them faster for your users. Ngx_pagespeed code is licensed under Apache. Continue reading

Open SourceReleased a new experimental production of http-server nginx 1.3.15, remarkable integration module ngx_http_spdy_module with implementations of SPDY.

Other changes noted adding directives image_filter_interlace, limit_req_status and limit_conn_status, as well as providing a mail proxy server with IPv6-backend.

Protocol SPDY, which advances to be incorporated in a future standard HTTP/2.0, was designed specifically to minimize the delay in the connection and communication between client and server. When servicing the connection uses SPDY HTTP similar to the mechanism of interaction in the form of a request / response. SPDY adds a session layer on top of SSL, which makes it possible to provide multiple, simultaneous streams in a single TCP-connection. When using HTTP requests in a single stream served consecutively, involvement SPDY allows multiplexing resource requests, process them, and send requests in parallel with the dynamically calculated priorities, increasing the current capacity. Continue reading

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