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Digital TechnologyThe digital landscape for the coming year is going to be even more complex.

The rise of social media means public opinion matters more than ever and we are already seeing how new technology trends affect some of our daily interactions.

But behind the scenes, technology continues to improve. Here are some digital trends to watch out for. Continue reading

m:Advances In Medical TechnologySeveral recent breakthroughs in medical technology show some promise for a future of more accurate diagnoses and proactive care for high-risk patients.

Thanks to the increasing level of sophistication in electrical engineering, care providers are now much more capable of making the right treatment decisions at the right time. By using evolved digital imaging and data transmission, certain problems that conventional medical technology have found challenging to detect can be more accurately pinpointed. Continue reading

Home automation

Technology in the home is getting more popular, and is being integrated more into the design of new homes.

New home technologies seem to become strikingly more advanced every year. This is largely due to the growth of home automation, technology that allows homeowners to centralize the control of home functions. Home automation is meant to make home living faster, safer, more convenient and more energy efficient. Despite the growth of the industry, some people are hesitant to install features that will make their home feel more like a spaceship than an actual home. Companies have made it a priority to create sleek looking displays that are easily integrated into a tactful design. Technology can be overbearing, and many homeowners don’t want it to distract from the comfortable feel and atmosphere of their homes. Continue reading

Wi-Vi TechnologyA group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new technology called Wi-Vi, which allows you to track the movement of objects through walls.

New product uses inexpensive radio transmitters which can be found virtually everywhere. At MIT say the new sensors Wi-Vi in the future can be embedded in smart phones, and other handheld devices, equipment for police and fire services.

MIT Professor Dina Katabi and one of the developers of technology, said that the new technology can be used on a home security system that would allow the owners of houses to see who is hiding behind the walls of the home. “Do not worry about what the neighbors will spy on you, considering you are wearing pants or not. System displays images at a very low resolution,” – says Katabi. Continue reading

DisplAirRussian company Displair announced the launch of world sales of the first production models of air display with the multi-touch. Russians plan to implement its product to $ 30 million by the end of 2013.

On first Russia’s presentations serial model of interactive air display Displair software company announced the launch of pre-sales and the international market. The base price for one unit is $ 13,254. The product is designed for the corporate sector.

“Until the end of 2013, we plan to sell the products and software for them for more than $ 30 million, we will do this through a network of distributors and agents around the world,” – says CEO Maxim Kamanin. Continue reading

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