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Red Hat Linux Red Hat has decided not to use the MySQL in a new version of its corporate distribution RHEL 7, the release of which is expected in the coming year.

As described at the ongoing summit in the U.S. Boston Red Hat Summit, a new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7  (RHEL) goes on open database MariaDB, and will include a NoSQL-decision MongoDB.

Note that the transition from MySQL to MariaDB was generally expected, since earlier in the MariaDB moved and community-distribution Fedora, a new version of which came out earlier this year. Earlier, many developers are Linux-distributions expressed dissatisfaction with the policy of Oracle, which owns the rights to the database MySQL. Recently, developers SUSE Linux, creating community-distribution openSUSE, also moved their development to MariaDB. Continue reading

Monty WideniusThe founder of MySQL proposed Business Source, a new monetization model of open source software

Michael Widenius, founder of the MySQL and MariaDB, in the process of considering possible new ways to monetize open source software offered to discuss a new concept of Business Source.

Business Source essence is to ensure that access to the product and its source code are only paid subscribers for the remaining code is sent to public access after a period of being in a restricted access. For example, after three years of limited distribution code is proposed to publish under a standard open licenses. Continue reading

Open SourceArchLinux added Slackware, Fedora and openSUSE distributions in the list have committed migrate from MySQL to MariaDB.

Henceforth MariaDB distributed repositories ArchLinux as the proposed default implementation of MySQL. All require MySQL depends now linked to MariaDB.

To move the current users on MariaDB MySQL requires manual intervention (automated transition was not used because, despite the overall compatibility and the ability to be used as a transparent replacement of MySQL, there are some specific incompatibility).

ArchLinux users recommended not to delay the transition to MariaDB, as packages with MySQL to be removed from the repository in a month. For the migration of the systems installed just install mariadb, libmariadbclient or mariadb-clients and run the script mysql_upgrade: Continue reading

Open Source

The decision was taken after a preliminary survey of users, most of whom were in favor of replacing MySQL to MariaDB.

According to the developers Slackware, in contrast to the company’s Oracle, MariaDB Foundation nonprofit organization more concerned about the interest of the community and be more releases updates to address vulnerabilities.

The ongoing transition to MariaDB is already realized in the repository Slackware-current. In most situations, MariaDB offers compatibility with MySQL and can act as a transparent replacement for MySQL, so the distribution of users switching to MariaDB will be seamless and will not require any changes. Continue reading

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