Michael Widenius, founder of MySQL, has announced the availability of the first stable release of the cluster database MariaDB Galera, based on the code base and technology MariaDB synchronous multi-master replication Galera.

The project was created in partnership with Codership, developing system Galera, and is positioned as a competitor to Oracle cluster solutions based on MySQL. Project code is available under the license GPLv2.

The new product extends the DBMS MariaDB, which can act as a transparent replacement of MySQL 5.5, the means for the organization of synchronous data replication across multiple nodes (used topology active-active multi-master, allowing read and write permissions for each node). With synchronous replication, all nodes always contain actual data, ie warranted orphaned transactions because the transaction is recorded only after the spread of the data across all nodes. At the same time, as part of the transaction operations are executed immediately, the delay is waiting for confirmation only occurs when performing “commit”. Transactions at different sites can be executed in parallel. When the transaction is provided guaranteed permanent status of the cluster as a whole, regardless of other currently running transactions. Continue reading