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Employee ShareStarting a business is a demanding process. Budding entrepreneurs have to give their full time and dedication to their businesses in order to make a breakthrough.

Initially, you may be required to operate alone and perform various marketing and management tasks yourself but no business can succeed without a devoted team.

As your business grows, your team grows with it. A victorious tycoon knows that creativity and freedom go hand in hand. An employee enjoying his working environment is guaranteed to produce better results and bring forth creative ideas, which in turn gives a boom to the business. Continue reading

Android Device ManagerGoogle today announced an application for remote monitoring, location and erase data on lost or stolen devices.

The company said that its decision Android Device Manager provides a popular mobile operating system popular security tools, which provide the legal owner of the opportunity to decide what to do with a lost or stolen device.

In a blog post, Google mentions that with the new software, users can not only keep track of their mobile devices, and remotely erase the information, but also to activate ringtones to find the house a lost gadget. According to Android product manager Benjamin Poiesz, the goal Device Manager – to provide basic trekking functions for users who do not use it for specialized commercial software. Continue reading

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