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Mobile World Congress 2014For hard-core mobile techies and enthusiasts, there are few bigger events on the calendar than the annual Mobile World Congress.

The February event, staged annually in Barcelona, Spain, is one part massive mobile technology exhibition, one part industry super conference.

“The Mobile World Congress is probably the most important convention in the wireless industry,” Continue reading

Mobile Technology

Let’s face it: the world is getting more mobile by the minute. All you have to do is walk down the street and you’ll see the evidence — every third person is staring at a smartphone, oblivious to anything not rendered in pixels.

In a matter of a few years, mobile devices have gone from an unnecessary luxury to an absolutely integral part of our lives. Mobile devices are fundamentally changing the way we work, communicate and entertain ourselves. In short, they are changing the way we live.

They’re also responsible for massive changes in business. Companies are radically changing the way they operate to keep pace with the mobile market. No one wants to get left behind. Continue reading

hotelIt has been quite a very short period of time that the mobile phones technology has drastically changed how almost everyone do things.

With the procession of mobile phones people are able to have limitless access to almost everything hence enhancing the rapid transformation of the world into the popularly known ‘global village’. Mobile phones technology has greatly affected the social, political, cultural and economic sectors within the world economy hence resulting to change in the ways things are done. The hotel and hospitality industry is not an exemption as its has experienced considerable change resulting from the mobile phone technology. One of the mobile phone technology has done is to enhance the efficiency with which the hotel interacts with its guests and vice versa. Continue reading

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