APU RichlandAdvanced Micro Devices today presented its new mobile APU new family of Richland A-Series, is a further development of mobile lines previously shown Trinity chips for laptops.

AMD has said that the new APU Richland focus on more innovative use of integrated graphics capabilities, and support for the system instructions are used to implement gesture control and recognition of the user’s face.

According to AMD, the new APU computer manufacturers actually come from the end of 2012, that is, the end products on the basis of Richland will have to appear on store shelves soon.

As described in the Company, Richland is a significant upgrade chips Trinity, using the processor cores Piledriver, but combined with the new GPU Radeon HD 8000. In addition, where the company has implemented a new system of power, which is a saving of 20-30% of the Trinity. Real increase for new chips Richland 20-40%, depending on the application.

Kevin Lansing, director of AMD Notebook Products Client Unit, said Richland technically not a new platform, but the amount of innovation that is implemented in them, could easily pull the new platform. According to him, even if we ignore the new components of the APU, in Richland have been implemented some new developments that allow for better customized chip’s clock speed, more control over the temperature and electricity consumption.

Lansing said that the Trinity chip has three states – “slow”, “normal” and “fast” – and could only work in one of them, while in Richland system can accurately adjust the level of performance for real needs. Continue reading