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Xamarin mobile app development platformCurrently, we can observe the tendency that hardly can any business expect for the success not having a mobile app.

It can be hard for a business owner to decide, though, in what a way to conduct the development process. That’s why, I decided to study the field and came with quite a beneficial option.

There are two possible solutions to the app development issue. The first one is native platform development, and the second is cross-platform. Each having its pros and cons. Continue reading

TIZENTizen project is being developed under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, with the participation of LiMo Foundation, Intel and Samsung.

Is the stable release of the mobile platform Tizen 2.1, which continues to develop systems MeeGo and LiMO, but differs in providing the possibility of using Web API and web-based technologies (HTML5/JavaScript/CSS) to create mobile applications. The platform is universal and suitable for use on different types of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, netbooks, TVs and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Continue reading

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