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Windows 8.1 preview soonWe continue to acquaint our readers with the news that Microsoft is going to include in the provisional version of Windows 8.1 Preview.

Yesterday on the MSDN-site became available Windows Server 2012 R2, due to which we can now imagine how in Windows 8.1 Preview will look “Start” button.

As we wrote yesterday, resulting in leakage of information became known, what are the system requirements will bring the OS Windows 8.1 Preview, and what new features will include, IE 11 is included in its composition. For the past day new details have emerged about the expected pre-release.

One of the most important features of Windows Server 2012 R2 – to add a button “Start” – also appears in the preview version of Windows 8.1 Preview. The button “Start” is always displayed when you use the desktop while in the mode of Metro, to see it, you must move the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner.

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Linux vs WindowsAfter Successfully migrate public institutions on Linux, the City Council of Munich did not stop there and took the initiative to provide all residents of tools for the transition from Windows XP to Linux.

According to the plan, which passed the stage of preliminary approval, until the spring of next year it is planned to extend about two thousand CDs with the distribution Lubuntu, edited Ubuntu Linux based environment LXDE, oriented to be used on older systems.

Currently in use in Germany is about 20 million computers that are running the operating system Windows XP, released 11 years ago. Time release updates for Windows XP until April of next year, and users of the system will face the challenge of transition to a newer version of Windows, which is more demanding on system resources. As one of the main purposes of migration is called the reduction of electronic waste – instead of recycling still working computers that do not meet the requirements of Windows 7 and Windows 8, such systems can provide many more years if they are to be installed less intensive operating system. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 preview soonPreview version of Windows 8.1: innovation in IE 11 and System Requirements

A preliminary version of Windows 8.1 Preview officially debut on June 26, but due to leakage of information on the Internet have become aware of some details about the system requirements of the first major revision of Windows 8. In addition, there are reports that 8.1 will include the 11th edition browser Internet Explorer, which will offer Internet users a number of improvements.

A new collection of screenshots, recently admitted to the network, shows the system requirements for Windows 8.1 Preview – update, which is to say Microsoft, “works great on the same hardware as Windows 8.” Continue reading

New Data CenterLast week, a number of U.S. media reported that in the state of Iowa is building a major new data center, the owner of which was unknown, and no official information about the new project was not.

This in turn has generated a lot of rumors about who it could be. Not surprisingly, there were three major candidates – Facebook, Google and Apple, each of which could theoretically be the operator of a new data center with a project cost of 700 million dollars.

However, the rumors were not confirmed and Sunday evening at the official site of the authorities state there is evidence of the beneficial owner of the data center of the future. As appears from the official publication, the new data-center in the city of Des Moines (Iowa) will belong to Microsoft and the company will enclose in it 680 million dollars. Continue reading

Hands off My meta dataFollowing the companies Facebook and Microsoft, said on Saturday about how many requests from U.S. government agencies they got in the second half of 2012, with a similar report today made by Apple.

It agrees to the data declared by the company, in the period from December 1 to May 31, she received about 5,000 requests for disclosure of user information. In comparison, for the period from 1 July to 31 December 2012 Facebook received about 10,000 queries, Microsoft – about 7,000 requests.

“Like a few other companies, we turned to the U.S. government for permission to publish information related to how many requests we have received from the authorities and how many of them we have processed,” – said in a statement Apple. “We have received permission to publish some of the data, and now offer them in the interest of transparency of our policy.” Continue reading

Hands off My meta dataUnder the influence of public pressure, the companies Facebook and Microsoft opened the figures related to the issuance of requests for information from the U.S. government.

The publication of the company should be in the background of how the U.S. government erupted around the scandal involving the government closed by PRISM data collection.

Noteworthy is the fact that Google has joined the initiative Facebook and Microsoft, to disclose similar information to the public.

According to published data on Friday evening, the company Facebook has received from the U.S. government in the second half of 2012, nearly 10,000 requests for the issuance of data about users. This number includes requests from the U.S. local and federal authorities, as well as state governments. There are those in the classified requests made by the U.S. secret services. Following Facebook, Microsoft announced that it had received about 7,000 similar requests in the second half of 2012. Continue reading

Windows Embedded Compact 2013Microsoft has released a new version of the operating system Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Microsoft has announced the release of a new version of the operating system Windows Embedded Compact 2013 for compact portable devices. The main innovation is the ability to develop on Visual Studio 2012, which includes an updated compiler to support the new programming standards for C / C, performance and code optimization, as well as a new integrated development environment (IDE).

According to representatives of Microsoft, “Release is the most flexible and compact tool in a series of Windows Embedded, supports x86 and ARM platforms, and designed specifically to optimize the performance of portable devices.” Continue reading

Microsoft Xbox One E3Microsoft on Monday on the conference-exhibition E3 in Los Angeles presented a few new games, focused on the game console Xbox One, which is expected to release in November this year.

Last month, the company showed the console itself, and also briefly spoke about its non-gaming capabilities.

Now the presentation was almost entirely devoted to games for Xbox One.

Perhaps the biggest and most anticipated announcement was the presentation of the traditional flagship Xbox – shooter Halo, the fifth version of which is to continue the tradition of the main line. The paradox with Halo 5 is that there is still Halo was the “locomotive” for the Xbox and leaving either a new Xbox, or any of its hardware upgrades that come out and the new Halo. However, this time it will not be so:  Xbox One will be released in the autumn, whereas Halo 5 only in the first half of the year 2014. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 preview soonMicrosoft has devoted a section of the official website of the Windows Upgrade Windows 8.1, placing it about its basic functions and features.

According to published information, the basic task of Windows 8.1 is to improve the functions required employees of different companies and businesses, “We have created a Windows 8 to the professionals had the opportunity to stay in touch with your clients and colleagues at any time and in any place. Windows 8.1 will provide you with new networking features, mobility and security, working on the most powerful platform designed specifically for today’s business, “- according to the website. Continue reading

Windows 8.1Microsoft will add to Windows 8.1 features for corporate customers

Microsoft Corp. will include the modification of its operating system Windows 8.1, which will be released before the end of this year, a number of new features targeted for use in organizations, according to the corporate blog of Microsoft.

Much of the innovation aimed at the use of an employee’s own devices. In particular, administrators can more flexibly control access to personal devices employees to corporate resources, customize the layout of application icons on the devices, as well as using network commands to remove them from the data belonging to the organization. Continue reading

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