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Twitter advertisingTwitter releases updated version of the client software for the operating system iOS, Android and Mac OS.

In version fixed some bugs that previously pointed users related platforms. Also, there has been improved job search and implemented a system of direct synchronization of messages between all Twitter clients for different platforms.

Implementation of synchronization Twitter DM (Direct Messages) allows the user to not receive notification messages that have been previously read to them from another device. Previously, the system was based on the fact that a user can only have one device, Sharing of information between the mobile and desktop clients also was not provided. Now, the system has a uniform marking system and information management. Continue reading

microbloggingDo you want to gain popularity on the Internet and get a large number of followers? Many “experts” are willing to offer their help and promise to quickly bring you to the “top”, but most of them eventually turn ordinary crooks.

Perhaps much more good will a set of practical tips, by a group of American scientists and supported by the results of a large study.

According to researcher CJ Hutto and his colleagues from the Georgia Institute of Technology, the novice user to follow a few simple rules. The key to success is to publish messages with positive information. Future “stars” of social networks are also encouraged to publish more news and allow as little as possible spelling errors.

The study was conducted on the popular service Twitter. Scientists have studied the contents of the posts published 500 home users for the 15-month period. The study analyzed more than 2,800 terms used by the authors to express positive and negative emotions, including the common slang, obscenities, the popular “smiles” and common acronyms such as LOL. Each term has been assigned an individual assessment to help you understand how the use of the word affects the number of regular readers. It was found that the greatest success of the visitors are “post”, charged with positive emotions. Continue reading

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