Open SourcePresented OpenSMTPD 5.3, the first stable release of SMTP-server from OpenBSD project.

Mail server OpenSMTPD 5.3, is developing under the auspices of the OpenBSD project, and aims to build a safe and easy replacement of Sendmail.

According to the developers, the project can be considered as stable – OpenSMTPD 5.3 is the first release officially recommended for widespread implementation and ready for use in industrial applications. Over the past few months OpenSMTPD was considerably revised and gained a large portion of new features.

The server supports most of the requirements RFC 5321 and implements a number of widely used protocol extensions. OpenSMTPD feature is support out of the box user authentication (SMTP AUTH), SSL / TLS encryption, the implementation of blocking spam on the “gray list” through integration with spamd, design configuration file in a style reminiscent of firewall rules PF. Despite the fact that the project is designed to integrate with components of OpenBSD, by analogy with OpenSSH is developed, and portable version OpenSMTPD, which can be used in FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, Mac OS X and other operating systems. Continue reading