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Apple Mac OS X MavericksApple yesterday opened its annual conference for developers WWDC2013 (already the 24th in a row), the first day of which the company presented its main points and showed their new products.

At the opening conference, the company will hold more than a hundred sessions, which will visit more than 1,000 engineers. Recall that this conference tickets were sold over the Internet in just 71 seconds after the start of sales.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that over the five years of the online catalog App Store the number of applications it has exceeded 900,000, with nearly 90% of them are downloaded at least once a month. The total number of user accounts exceeds 575 million, and the total amount of commission payments to programmers exceeded 10 billion dollars. Continue reading

Mac OS XMac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 is now available for download

Apple Inc. has officially announced the release of OS X v10.8.4 – the fourth incremental updates to the operating system Mountain Lion, which includes “features and fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac”.

Note that next week will start the conference WWDC, where it is believed, Apple will announce a new Mac OS X 10.9. However, to download this OS, most likely, will not be available until July-August this year.

So, update Mac OS X 10.8.4 provides improved compatibility with some corporate networks, Wi-Fi, enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange, see “Calendar” enhanced compatibility with VoiceOver text data in the PDF. Also, now the entrance to the Active Directory system is even more simple replication OpenDirectory is faster and puncture 802.1X network supports Active Directory. Continue reading

Mac OS XApple today released the third general update to the operating system Mac OS X 10.8, recommended for all users running.

According to the report of the company, 10.8.3 update includes improved utility Boot Camp, a new Safari browser and a number of system-wide correction. Pack size ranges from 250 to 560 megabytes.

The service pack offers improved utility Boot Camp, supports Windows 8 and 3-terabyte drives.

Also in the update has been fixed a problem that could lead to an unexpected software through the use of URL-address, fixed error of Logic Pro c plugins and fixed bugs that were specific to the iMac 2011 release.

Apple has set the record for the number of assemblies prior to release of the next OS X. Every week, and sometimes more often, developers have a single assembly 10.8.3 after another. This began to happen so often that it lost all meaning to tell you about it. But here, the release. Out of interest – recognition of gift cards a camera and support for Windows 8 mode Boot Camp. With a certain amount of humor can be said that today released Windows 8 for users Mac. Continue reading

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