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Linux vs WindowsGears on Gallium – openSUSE base livecd with lates opensource video drivers

Yesterday has been published the results of performance evaluation added to the Mesa 10.4 tracker states Gallium-Nine, which provides support for API Direct3D 9 for Unix-like systems.

The comparison includes both synthetic benchmarks and testing using gaming in “native” mode or through wine / wine-csmt. Continue reading

Linux DistroThe presented stable release 4MLinux 11.0 of the minimalist user’s distribution, not an offshoot of other projects and using the graphical environment based on JWM.

4MLinux can be used as a Live-environment for video playback and solutions custom tasks, so as to recover from system failures. The size of the universal assembly is 389Mb, and a specialized version 4MRescueKit for disaster recovery – 192MB. Continue reading

NewsRed Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Candidate Now Available

Red Hat has introduced release candidate distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Finished installation images for x86_64 yet only available for OEMs and independent software vendors (ISV). For consumers in the public domain test builds will be published next week. Delivery time of the RHEL 7 final release is not reported.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is designed to provide the underpinning for future application architectures while providing the flexibility, scalability, and performance needed to deploy across bare metal systems, virtual machines, and cloud infrastructure. Continue reading

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11After a year and a half since the last update submitted to the release SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 3 (Service Pack 3).

The distribution can be downloaded and used for free, but access to get updates and patches is limited to 60-day trial period. Release is available in assemblies for architecture x86 (32 – and 64-bit), Itanium, POWER and System z.

According to the company SUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 3 is the industry’s first distribution which supports technology UEFI Secure Boot. In addition, it is noted that the hardware and software system based on SLES 11 SP 3 was successfully certified for compliance with the international safety standard EAL4 + Common Criteria and the American standard FIPS 140-2, defines the requirements for cryptographic modules. Continue reading

Linux OS distributions

Linux FreedomToday, there is a huge amount of distributions OS Linux. All distributions can be divided into two categories: the highly specialized (eg for use on routers), and designed for mainstream users.

As of today there are several hundred versions of Linux and they keep popping up every day. Such diversity was possible only thanks to the concept of free software. Establishment of its versions are engaged as individual fans, and large companies that sponsor the create and maintenance of the new distributions. Continue reading

Linux vs WindowsAfter Successfully migrate public institutions on Linux, the City Council of Munich did not stop there and took the initiative to provide all residents of tools for the transition from Windows XP to Linux.

According to the plan, which passed the stage of preliminary approval, until the spring of next year it is planned to extend about two thousand CDs with the distribution Lubuntu, edited Ubuntu Linux based environment LXDE, oriented to be used on older systems.

Currently in use in Germany is about 20 million computers that are running the operating system Windows XP, released 11 years ago. Time release updates for Windows XP until April of next year, and users of the system will face the challenge of transition to a newer version of Windows, which is more demanding on system resources. As one of the main purposes of migration is called the reduction of electronic waste – instead of recycling still working computers that do not meet the requirements of Windows 7 and Windows 8, such systems can provide many more years if they are to be installed less intensive operating system. Continue reading

Linux vs WindowsLinux (GNU / Linux) – is the common name of UNIX-like operating systems that are based on the free Linux kernel and built for him libraries, and the software programs developed by the project GNU.

GNU/Linux, unlike the majority of other OS, has no certain “official” complete set. It comes in a large number of Linux distributions, which are connected with the GNU Linux kernel. The best-known Linux distributions are Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Red Hat, Mandriva, Fedora, SuSE, Gentoo and others. Continue reading

Linux News TodayArch Linux distribution is carried out the transfer of all the executable files in / usr / bin

Arch Linux developers have warned users about the need for manual intervention in the next update distribution. When you upgrade, users will see an error due to a conflict of directories due to the transfer of all executable files from the directory / bin, / sbin and / usr / sbin in a single directory / usr / bin.

The above change will get rid of confusion with the location of files and simplify maintenance packages. Read More

Continue reading

Ubuntu logoThe head of the Ubuntu project, Mark Shuttleworth to Thursday, May 30, reported the correction of “bug number 1” in the operating system Ubuntu.

Essence of the bug (error) is to ensure that Windows has a major share in the market. In the description of the bug said that Ubuntu and other projects need to fix this error.

Writing about the bug was entered in the Ubuntu bug tracker at number one on August 20, 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth himself.

In comments to the bug from May 30, 2013 Shuttleworth wrote that he considered the error corrected nine years ago. He pointed out that the PC market has changed in that time: there were smartphones, tablets, and other devices and has developed “healthy competition” with the release of Android and iOS. Continue reading

Skype for LinuxMicrosoft introduced the release of Skype 4.2 for Linux.

Opportunities for the Linux version are close to the functionality of Skype for other platforms, such as the accessibility of the conference call, call forwarding, sending SMS to mobile phones, the organization of joint access to the desktop, making calls to landline numbers, you make a video, and sending files etc.

Skype 4.2 assembly prepared for Ubuntu 10.04/12.04 (32-bit version in separate packages for 32-bit and 64-bit systems), Debian 7 (32-bit version in separate packages for 32-bit and 64-bit systems), Fedora 16 + (32-bit) and openSUSE 12.1 + (32-bit). As system requirements, the following software versions: Qt 4.7.0, D-Bus 1.0.0, libasound2 1.0.18, as well as optional BlueZ 4.0.0 and PulseAudio 1.0. Continue reading

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