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Future of Open Source SurveyOpen Source Latest News: IDE Qt Creator 2.8.0 Released, Upgrading PHP 5.3.27 and 5.4.17, PHP has moved on two positions forward in TIOBE rating, CyanogenMod 10.1.1 released, Overview of the kernel Linux.

IDE Qt Creator 2.8.0 Released

The company Digia has presented release of the IDE Qt Creator 2.8, designed to create cross-platform applications using the library Qt. Supports the development of both classical programming language C + +, and use of the language QML, for a specific scenario that uses JavaScript, and the structure and parameters of the interface elements are defined CSS-like blocks. Source code Qt Creator distributed Continue reading

Future of Open Source SurveyThis week in open source news:  the release of the Linux Kernel 3.10, At the core of Linux 3.11 is enabled Lustre cluster file system, In the proprietary NVIDIA 325.08 driver dropped support for Linux 2.4 kernels, Officially dropped support for Ruby 1.8.7.

The release of the Linux Kernel 3.10

Developers of the Linux kernel yesterday officially has been presented the version of Linux 3.10, which replaces the seventh release candidate version 3.10. In the mailing list for users of kernel development leader Linus Torvalds announced that the new version of the kernel is implemented the largest range of new features over the last year.

According to him, it was initially planned to release another version of the RC-core, but testing showed no obvious errors in the code, and it was decided to release a stable version. A total of 3.10 sold 11,900 amendments to the code of the product. Continue reading

Linux FreedomA series of patches for the power management of Radeon graphics cards for the Linux 3.11 kernel has been presented.

Alex Deucher, a developer of of AMD, presented in a mailing list dri-devel very large series of patches (165 patches!), Which presumably will be included in the version of the Linux 3.11 kernel (radeon drm-next to the developers terminology).

These patches provide a lot of improvements for working with the family of Radeon GPU in the Linux kernel. Submitted changes affect the graphics card family Radeon, ranging from fairly old family cards HD2000 (R600) to the latest HD7000 chips on the architecture of GCN and have not even released HD8000 (Sea Islands) based on the architecture GCN 2.0. Continue reading

Open SourceLinus Torvalds after 69 days of development announced the release of the kernel Linux 3.9.

In the new version: KVM hypervisor is adapted to work on systems with the architecture of ARM, the caching system of appeals to the slow hard drives in the fast SSD-drives, driver PowerClamp to control idle time CPU, support for RAID5 / 6 in FS Btrfs, the ability to bind to multiple listening sockets one port, support cores Meta ATP, the use of namespaces for CIFS and NFS, support resource constraints IO through cgroups, lightweight implementation of hibernation. Continue reading

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