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Linux DistroThe presented stable release 4MLinux 11.0 of the minimalist user’s distribution, not an offshoot of other projects and using the graphical environment based on JWM.

4MLinux can be used as a Live-environment for video playback and solutions custom tasks, so as to recover from system failures. The size of the universal assembly is 389Mb, and a specialized version 4MRescueKit for disaster recovery – 192MB. Continue reading

Linux Mint 15Available version of Linux Mint 15 distribution with the Xfce desktop-environment

Available Xfce-edition of Linux Mint 15 distro. The distribution is based on the packet-base Xubuntu 13.04 and comes with a desktop environment Xfce 4.10, supplemented by a series of original applications, simplifying setup and operation of the system.

In particular, Linux Mint uses reworked menu system, a private manager to install and upgrade applications, the original interface for system setup mintConfig, means for performing backup mintBackup etc. The size of the boot iso-image is 970 MB. The distribution can run on systems with 384 MB of RAM, but for the comfort of the recommended 1 GB of RAM. Continue reading

FedoraProjectFedora is a open source Linux-based operating system, a suite of software that makes your computer run. Yesterday Fedora 19 has been formally presented.

Available for download LiveCD installation with graphical environments based on KDE, GNOME, XFCE and LXDE, as well as a complete set, designed in the form of a DVD and a reduced image (199 MB) for network installation.

Among the most interesting innovations include:

– the delivery of the default packages with MariaDB instead of MySQL;
– integration CRIU for freezing and state recovery processes;
– CUPS update to version 1.6.0 and the involvement of PDF as the format for sending print jobs systemd update to version 204;
– support the use of Syslinux as an alternative bootloader;
– support JavaScript-platform server Node.js;
– transition to using Ruby 2.0.0 and PHP 5.5;
– delivery desktop environments GNOME 3.8, KDE 4.10 and MATE Desktop 1.6. Continue reading

Linux FreedomNew issues of distributions Window Maker Live 2013-06-05, Peppermint OS 4 and Parted Magic 2013_06_14

Window Maker Live 2013-06-05 – Live-distribution based on Debian, which has set a goal to create a user environment, is not overloaded with excesses peculiar to modern desktops. User environment is built on the window manager WindowMaker, providing style interface NEXTSTEP. It consists of a set the popular opened applications. The size of the boot iso-image 690 MB.

Feature of the distribution is a package of additional components and actively updated applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird as tar.xz files within the subdirectory “custom”, located separately from the base of the image Live-squashfs. The contents of a self-extracting archives before Live-session or before replacing the disk. This feature allows you to easily incorporate additional applications and new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird without rebuilding squashfs-image. Continue reading

Open SourceDue to its structure UEFI technology can be used on different platforms.

UEFI Forum is a nonprofit organization that provides technology standards leading IT-companies.

As it became known, soon plans to introduce in the UEFI specification such operating systems running on Linux, like Ubuntu 12.10, Fedora 18 and OpenSUSE 12.3.

Introduction of UEFI support cross-functional operation of the devices, software, and operating systems. Due to its structure UEFI technology can be used on different platforms. For example, the specification of UEFI Secure Boot on Linux distributions allows users to download an alternative operating system without turning off the UEFI Secure Boot.

UEFI interface also allows users to run programs that they choose the most effective method bezoopasnym and facilitating their interaction. Continue reading

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