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Ubuntu Saucy SalamanderCanonical is constantly on the try to make the actual Ubuntu server release faster and more flexible in cloud environments.

The most recent edition of the Linux distribution, which is to be available for downloading October 17, includes a faster installation software in addition to an up to date compact package technological innovation that can identical copy new environments faster.

The overall performance enhancements in Ubuntu 13.10, code-named Saucy Salamander, are actually “part of the strategy to make sure that Ubuntu gets to be the most effective environment regarding developing, diagnostic tests, and operating production products and services in a cloud. Speed is actually a type of factors most people measure,” mentioned Mark Baker, Ubuntu server as well as cloud product or service director. Continue reading

Knoppix 7.2Klaus Knopper has presented a new version of KNOPPIX 7.2, one of the first distributions supporting work in the Live-mode.

The distribution is based on the original set of boot scripts and includes packages that are imported from Debian Wheezy, with inserts of the branches of Debian “testing” and “unstable”. Is available for download assembly LiveDVD, the size of 3.8 GB.

User shell distribution is based on light-weight desktop environment LXDE, built based on the GTK + library and the ability to run on low-power systems. Instead of the standard SysV init system enabled the new system boot Microknoppix, significantly speeding up the process of downloading the distribution due to parallel execution of services and equipment lazy initialization. A full booting of distribution, including installation WiFi-connection is about 30 seconds. When using a USB Flash user settings and additionally installed programs do not disappear after reboot – saved between sessions of the data is placed in the file KNOPPIX / knoppix-data.img, which optionally can be encrypted using AES-256. Continue reading

Linux-Mint-15Developers of the popular Linux Mint distribution May 16, 2013 introduced version 15 of its desktop product.

According to them, in Linux Min 15 have been completely updated desktop environment MATE and Cinnamon, and also added new applications to manage application software and new drivers.

Olivia Linux Mint 15 is based on the latest version of the Ubuntu operating system, and the developers plan to supported until January 2014. There are also version of Linux Mint 15, based on Debian can be switched by software on the Ubuntu repositories, and a six-month cycle support. Continue reading

Sabayon LinuxThe release of the distribution Sabayon Linux 13.04, which combines the convenience for the end user with the flexibility of Gentoo is presented.

Sabayon Linux is designed as a Live-distribution, provided with the possibility of easy installation on your hard drive. The set comes complete with full set of multimedia codecs and restricted drivers for video cards, wireless adapters and software modems. Sabayon uses the modified rolling-model of preparation of updatings which does release of updatings more predictable and less painful. Continue reading

OpenSUSEAfter six months of development before release Linux-distro openSUSE 12.3. Available as a 32 – and 64-bit x86-based systems in the four assemblies: Universal Installation DVD (4.7 GB), Live with GNOME 3.6, Live with KDE 4.10 and a shorter version for network installation.

For the first time in the regular release of openSUSE comes stable build for ARMv7, experimental assembly for ARM64 (AArch64) and Specialized Live-assembly for recovery.

Dear contributors, friends and fans: The latest release of the openSUSE distribution, version 12.3, is ready for you!

Continue reading

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