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lg g flexThe second generation of LG G Flex model is finally in stores.

The original G Flex model had 6 inch screen but in the new model the screen is reduced to 5.5 inches. The new model has many new spectacular specs including octa-core Snapdragon 810 CPU. It has 1080 p OLED display.

The sides of the phone are curved which makes it bend-resistant. The back of the phone is made of plastic and is also scratch resistant. As the phone has the new self-healing technology, it can heal from scratches really very fast. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Round Vs. LG G FlexIf you can’t decide which curved smartphones to get then read our in-depth review here.

South Korea is playing host to the latest round in the ongoing slugfest between Samsung and LG, as both have brought their newest design innovations to market in the same month.

The Round and the Flex are both new takes on phone design, incorporating a curve that is meant to be more ergonomic and easier to hold, carry and use. Continue reading

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