Knoppix 7.2Klaus Knopper has presented a new version of KNOPPIX 7.2, one of the first distributions supporting work in the Live-mode.

The distribution is based on the original set of boot scripts and includes packages that are imported from Debian Wheezy, with inserts of the branches of Debian “testing” and “unstable”. Is available for download assembly LiveDVD, the size of 3.8 GB.

User shell distribution is based on light-weight desktop environment LXDE, built based on the GTK + library and the ability to run on low-power systems. Instead of the standard SysV init system enabled the new system boot Microknoppix, significantly speeding up the process of downloading the distribution due to parallel execution of services and equipment lazy initialization. A full booting of distribution, including installation WiFi-connection is about 30 seconds. When using a USB Flash user settings and additionally installed programs do not disappear after reboot – saved between sessions of the data is placed in the file KNOPPIX / knoppix-data.img, which optionally can be encrypted using AES-256. Continue reading