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KDE Plasma ActiveThe KDE project has announced the release of user interface Plasma Active 4, based on KDE technology and is optimized for use on touch-screen devices.

Basic user interface Plasma Active is designed for use on a Tablet PC, but can be adapted for smart phones, set-top boxes , media centers and home automation systems, automotive infotainment systems and other devices with touch screens.

The key difference from existing popular mobile platforms – Plasma Active is targeting to use the device as a personal digital assistant, which occupy a central position data and user tasks, rather than the delivery of disparate collection of applications. All parts of the Plasma Active are part of a single system and is closely integrated. From the classic versions for PC and netbooks KDE Plasma Active is different different approach to the organization of interaction with the user, implying control via gesture control and manipulation of the touch screen, combined with the activation of the concept of rooms (Activities), isolating the different activities. Continue reading

Plasma Media CenterThe KDE project has announced the release of Plasma Media Center 1.1 (PMC).

Plasma Media Center is a unified interface for multimedia content on the desktop PCs, netbooks, tablets, TVs and other devices, which can be run environment KDE. PMC has a typical media center functions and allows you to display pictures, play music and video playback.

PMC is based on the technologies of Plasma and KDE, and a QML uses to form an interface adapted for different classes of devices. To extend the functionality provided an API for creating plug-ins to work with both the contents of the local file system and external online-services, such as, YouTube Flickr and Picasa. Control playback and navigation of content can be carried out via the keyboard / mouse, touch screen or remote control. For a unified view of all media content available opportunity to use the search tools on the desktop KDE (KDE Desktop Search). Continue reading

New KScreen 1.0 Released

KScreenRelease KScreen 1.0, a new system of multi-monitor setup for KDE

Presented the first stable release KScreen, new tools for configuring the screen, multi-monitor and organize the withdrawal of additional output devices.

KScreen differs radically simplify the process of setting new devices and placement of desktop on multiple monitors, in the simplest case, just connect a new device and all of the output is automatically adjusted without the use of pre-classical configurators. For example, just connect the second monitor and desktop space will automatically be extended to the right to a new screen. Continue reading

Open SourceKDE developers have demonstrated a new network configurator

The first results of developing a new applet plasma-nm, acting as a sub-system configuration on NetworkManager and designed to control KDE settings to connect to the network. A distinctive feature of the new applet is complete processing interface using QML.

In the language of C + + functions are implemented only to interact with NetworkManager through leveraging library libnm-qt. The project is still far from complete, but it can perform basic functions to connect to wired and wireless networks. Continue reading

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