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Kaspersky Security ScanKaspersky Lab published the results of the analysis of data obtained during the 2013 free with a utility Kaspersky Security Scan, designed to scan your computer for malware.

The study showed that much of the computers scanned by Kaspersky Security Scan, contained malware. In a number of cases of malware have been found even on PCs that are protected both free and commercial products known antivirus companies.

In this case we are talking about active security solution, because experts “Kaspersky Lab” is excluded from the sample computers that were installed older versions of security software, inability to provide security at a high level. Were also excluded cases where Kaspersky Security Scan respond to malicious objects placed in quarantine security solution, that is, will not be detrimental. In the final sample included only those PCs, which were discovered malicious files in folders, key operating system: Windows, Program Files, Documents and Settings. Continue reading

KasperskyKaspersky releases test products Anti-Virus 2014 and Internet Security 2014

The company Kaspersky Lab has announced the availability of test versions (Technical Previews) products Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2014.

These popular apps make the web safer and provide effective protection for your computer and stored its data from a variety of threats. Despite the fact that work on the application continues, everyone will be able to meet today with some new features and improvements.

The user interface has undergone little modification applications. Despite the absence of radical differences from previous versions, the new design should cause users a stable association with the “tile” applications Windows 8. Applications are also optimized to run on portable devices with a touch screen.

Attention is invited to an advanced component «Safe Money», which guarantees the security of the payments made over the Internet. The updated engine supports more banks and online stores, and also allows the user to select the preferred web-browser. Continue reading

Kaspersky Lab Corporate AntivirusKaspersky Lab on the eve of the United States presented its new security solutions for small and medium businesses.

As they say in the company’s modern users in companies have to deal with and a variety of devices and different by nature of the threats that were taken into account in the latest generation of products Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. Here, the developers, in particular, take into account the growing popularity of mobile platforms and newfangled concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

The new generation of products, such as the developer says, will allow one hand to protect the company from a wide range of threats, and on the other – not too complicate life for enterprise IT administrators as well as much of the work on monitoring, identifying and blocking threats product performs without interference .

In Kaspersky Lab say that the new line series Endpoint can also detect sophisticated cyber threats, such as Flame, Gauss or Red October, which have a limited distribution, but for the target users are dangerous. Continue reading

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