JVC 8K projectorMost likely, you have a TV in the living room, working in the format Full HD, you may even have heard about a new, higher-quality video format – 4K, offers a resolution four times better than that of Full HD.

However, Japanese companies, traditionally is a trendsetter in the field of high-quality audio and video, go on.

JVC today showed business model project that could work to resolve 8K. As you can guess, the video is different from 8K 4K video just as well as 4K of Full HD. Format for 8K is a group of Japanese producers and broadcasters, which originally promoted the format under the brand Super Hi-Vision. This format offers sverhkachestvennoe image on the projection screen size from 4 feet or more. In other words, the 8K is more designed for cinema rather than for home viewing. Continue reading