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jQuery LogoIn this article you learn about the different ways in which jQuery helps you in implementing web designing aspects.

jQuery can be referred to as a concise and fast JavaScript Library that can be used for the purpose of simplifying animating, HTML document traversing and Ajax interactions that have altered the face of website designing.

Indeed, jQuery has proved to be the real way that will help you in being able to write JavaScript. One of the ways in which JQuery proves to be a better alternative as compared to the other JavaScript libraries is that the visibility of the website does not get faded by any manner. Continue reading

Web DesigningIn this 21st century website designing has been playing a vital role in all walks of life.

Right from an individual to big corporations and companies, everyone owns a mark of their identity on internet.

Usually it is done through a website which can be of different types. It plays a role similar to that of advertisements and marketing tactics.

Off-late launching a website on World Wide Web has also been widely popular wing of marketing industry. Besides the business activities and transactions through websites, a web page better serves as a promotional platform. It is used to attract customers where they get impressed by seeing product and services displayed categorically and creatively. Continue reading

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