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www.ctrls.comCenter of Excellence (CoE) is created in organizations to build capabilities that deliver value for businesses and promotes a culture of knowledge management within the organization.

CoEs are also called centers of expertise depending on the focus and scope of business. The focus areas of CtrlS data centers include enterprise information management, data integration, storage, disaster recovery, information delivery, analytics, certain specific technologies such as SAS, ERP, Oracle, etc., along with specific business functions. In this article, the benefits, roles and responsibilities of CoE established in CtrlS Data Centers is highlighted. This will help us to gain understanding on how CoEs are important for providing value to an organization. Continue reading

Cisco Virtualization

The Cisco Virtualization technologies

The virtualization technologies like the data center, server and cloud computing technologies are widely utilized by the IT organizations and the companies.

The companies are investing on such technologies because they want to have the top notch solutions for running their systems in a smooth and enhanced way. The virtualization technologies by the Cisco Company is regarded as one of the top technologies and the companies and IT organization are more interested to have virtualized network, storage and the interactive multimedia application. Continue reading

Dell announced new software solutions that help organizations simplify IT infrastructure for business. Dell introduced the CIO Powerboard – unified and open API, through which organizations can achieve transparency and manageability of all the preferred solution packages.

In addition, the company provides a solution for mobile device management, helping organizations protect and facilitate BYOD, security portal, through which organizations can monitor security threats, and the prefix for data recovery ensures that employees will continue to work as normal, despite the unexpected glitches.

In addition, Dell announced new solutions, affiliate programs and services to help customers take advantage of the important changes of data centers and for a smooth migration to converged, virtualized and cloud infrastructure and management.

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