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Businessman presenting 3d earth globe in tablet5 Reasons Why Virtual Desktops Are the Future of Business

Virtual desktops have risen to prominence in recent years, as the rise of mobile devices and the decline of the standard 9-5 office hours have made the way in which we work more flexible.

Making desktops virtual by allowing users to access their interface from any device by simply using their log in details, virtualisation isn’t nearly as complex as it sounds. Continue reading

IT Business NewsSamsung buys Boxee for $30 million, Yahoo buys Xobni for more than $30 Million.

According to a report from Israeli business site The Marker, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics buys Israeli developer strimming devices Boxee.

Yahoo! continues its corporate shopping. This time was bought startup Xobni, which develops products for managing contact information. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed publicly. Continue reading

Cisco SystemsThe company Cisco, the world’s largest manufacturer of computer networking, announced that the company in the fiscal third quarter a profit above expectations as well as corporate clients increased their investment in the creation of computer networks and data centers under the modernization of cloud services.

Operating revenues amounted to 51 cents per share, while Cisco revenue increased by 5.4% to 12.22 billion dollars. Analysts were expecting earnings of companies in the 49 cents a share on revenue of 12.17 billion dollars. Continue reading

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