National Security AgencyJohn Gilmore, the creator of the human rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation and founder of the projects, such as Cygwin, GNU Radio, Gnash, GNU tar, GNU UUCP and IPSEC- stack FreeS / WAN, has published a compilation of his observations about the possible impact of U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) on the development of specifications and implementations of IPSEC. His observations are based on the interviews with some of the committee members who participated in the development of standards IPSEC IETF.

As the leader of the project of free IPSEC- stack, John excludes the direct impact of the NSA on the development of FreeS / WAN, but does not exclude the impact in terms of decisions-making on integration the project developments in the Linux core. In particular, John mentions a categorical unwillingness of network subsystem maintainer to include in the core the layer packet processing for IPSEC developed in FreeS / WAN, instead of it the maintainer created its own implementation, which was incomplete and did not refer to the working mind. It is not clear whether such conduct was inspired by the NSA or due to some other reasons. Continue reading