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iOS 8 adoption rateThe share of devices with iOS 8 is now reached 73 percent of the total number of Apple tablets and smartphones.

iOS 7 is installed on 24% of the devices (I suspect that most of them – iPhone 4S, – Ed.), earlier versions – on 3% of the devices (According to latest data from Apple’s official App Store Distribution page.) Continue reading

IPhone 6

Whether you splash out £500, £600 or £700 plus on the new iPhone 5s, or opt for slightly more palatable monthly payments, you’ll want to take care of this expensive piece of kit. Aluminium and glass play a huge part in its incredible good looks, which unfortunately are both prone to scratching and marking.

Where will your phone spend most of its time?

First things first, will your phone have a whole pocket to itself or will it loll around in the depths of your handbag? If it’s the former, then it will fare better than the latter, but won’t be totally immune to the odd knock or scratch.

If it is to reside in your handbag for any length of time, it will not be alone. As well as knocking about with your purse, hairbrush, make up bag, keys and all manner of incredibly useful objects, the introduction of your hand to retrieve any of these said items will also endanger its good looks. Let’s just say a frantic delve into your bag for your purse at a checkout, may resemble the effects of a spin cycle as far as its contents are concerned. Basically your phone is in for a real battering. With that in mind, it needs immediate protection if it’s going to survive this chaotic mode of transport for any length of time. Continue reading

office mobile iphoneMicrosoft Office for iOS has launched, people can use Office right away their iPhones or iPads. Whether want or not want to use this app, you cannot deny the popularity of Microsoft Officein daily life. Anyway, let talk moreabout this app on my iPhone.

A few weeks ago, I started learning Microsoft’s new app for iOS and realized something new. This app could be a nice addition choice for your current Office job but you will not need this app in reality, it notparticularly good to worth your 100 bucks actually. In addition, it lacksof more and more features compared with the desktop version app.

To clarify something, I would say that Office Mobile for iPhone just an app provides access to the three main features of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Word and Excel allows you to create and edit documents while PowerPoint exists as a tool to view PowerPoint documents. Besides of that you can change the text in your PowerPoint file to a different way and use it as a tool to present. Continue reading

IPhone 6After the release of the new iPhone 5S, may people are now looking forward to the release of the new masterpiece of the world famous company.

A few months ago, when we were still not quite sure whether iPhone 6 will be released at the end of this year, or at the beginning of the next one, the firsts rumours of a new, 6-inch display appeared. Today it seems that it is definitely not the case. However, there is one thing that we can be absolutely sure about – the new iPhone 6 will hit the market and turn into one of the best smarphones of 2014. Here is some further information on the topic.

The design

As usually, the design is expected to take our breath away. Judging by the previous two models – iPhone S and iPhone 5C, the new version is definitely going to sell like hot cakes. Ultra thin design and extremely simplified corpus – in short, simply amazing! Good job, Apple! Continue reading

New Smartphone Developments

SmartphonesWe found three smartphone technology innovations recently which we thought you’d like to know about.

Every day we read about a new development in smartphone technology. Every time you think that’s as far as they can go, a new announcement is made. We found three innovations recently which we thought you’d like to know about.

iPhone case that is a charger and a breathalyser

Japanese firm Thanko has developed this new case which offers these two additional functions. The charging function works via a built-in battery as a docking station for the phone. Users can switch between the two batteries i.e. using the power in the case if the phone battery is low.

The breathalyser is activated by blowing into the back of the case for between 3 and 5 seconds. A few seconds later the display also on the back of the phone lights up green, yellow or red. The reading also gives a percentage of grams of alcohol per litre of blood. Continue reading

Lock iPhone again bypassed

Lock iPhoneOnly a day ago, Apple has released a patch for the operating system iOS 6.1, which has been previously identified vulnerabilities, allows potential attackers to bypass the lock screen and gain unauthorized access to your phone.

Day before Apple announced that it has closed a loophole, but it is already appeared on the Internet video, which demonstrates an example bypass and upgraded security systems, however, this time you can only get access to a smart phone dialer and contact book.

Now beat the system smartphone protection managed by extraction from SIM-card phones during an emergency call. True, the new trick works only on smartphones iPhone, which supports voice assistant Siri.

In order to protect the owners of older models Phone and IPod Touch, that do not support Siri, should disable voice dialing, go to Settings: Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Owners of iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 should disable access to Siri from the lock screen: Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Continue reading

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