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Keeping Your IPhone Safe

IPhone 5cEight million iPhones were sold in the weekend that the 5S and 5C were launched in September this year.

Following the earlier tradition started by the iPhone, the new sales have taken Apple to the top of the mobile polls again during that month. And this despite the fact that there were only ten selling days in the month after the launch of the 5S and the problem with supplies.

We all know that iPhones are sought after and have become real style icons of our time. Were you lucky enough to grab one in those first few weeks either by queuing for the launch or at the end of a waiting list afterwards? We bet you’re pleased with all its new features like the iTouch with secure fingerprint recognition and the iSight camera which captures clearer photos. Continue reading

IPhone 6

Whether you splash out £500, £600 or £700 plus on the new iPhone 5s, or opt for slightly more palatable monthly payments, you’ll want to take care of this expensive piece of kit. Aluminium and glass play a huge part in its incredible good looks, which unfortunately are both prone to scratching and marking.

Where will your phone spend most of its time?

First things first, will your phone have a whole pocket to itself or will it loll around in the depths of your handbag? If it’s the former, then it will fare better than the latter, but won’t be totally immune to the odd knock or scratch.

If it is to reside in your handbag for any length of time, it will not be alone. As well as knocking about with your purse, hairbrush, make up bag, keys and all manner of incredibly useful objects, the introduction of your hand to retrieve any of these said items will also endanger its good looks. Let’s just say a frantic delve into your bag for your purse at a checkout, may resemble the effects of a spin cycle as far as its contents are concerned. Basically your phone is in for a real battering. With that in mind, it needs immediate protection if it’s going to survive this chaotic mode of transport for any length of time. Continue reading

Best Mobile PhonesFor tech savvy phone lovers 2013 has been quite a treat.

Ranging from the waterproof Sony phones to the ultra-light sleek iPhone, there has been innovation which kept everyone dwelled into what’s coming up next.

Masters of the industry are busy doing excellent research and innovative products just to keep the competition bar raised high and match the need of loyal clients. So, are you hungry for the 2014 sneak peak on phones? Then this is definitely the right place to be. It’s mesmerizing how smart phones have taken up the industry by storm and seeing the little additions and subtractions in the phones overtime makes it even more interesting.

Read on and find out about the most awaited upcoming phones for 2014: Continue reading

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