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Keeping Your IPhone Safe

IPhone 5cEight million iPhones were sold in the weekend that the 5S and 5C were launched in September this year.

Following the earlier tradition started by the iPhone, the new sales have taken Apple to the top of the mobile polls again during that month. And this despite the fact that there were only ten selling days in the month after the launch of the 5S and the problem with supplies.

We all know that iPhones are sought after and have become real style icons of our time. Were you lucky enough to grab one in those first few weeks either by queuing for the launch or at the end of a waiting list afterwards? We bet you’re pleased with all its new features like the iTouch with secure fingerprint recognition and the iSight camera which captures clearer photos. Continue reading

IPhone 5c

Recently after long waiting, Apple has come up with its most featured set iPhone 5c.

Many brand lovers love it but for some it’s just a set with better specifications, design and other software. This set has came to the seen as new set but actually this set has come with blend of old hardware and new software.

The iPhone from Apple is an alternative to the high priced version iPhone 5s. In essence, it is the iPhone 5 from the year 2012 the look is a little something new. In this article we have reviewed Apple iPhone 5c. Continue reading

Aiseesoft transfer softwareAiseesoft transfer software perfectly supports the last iOS 7, iPhone 5s/5c and the lastest iTunes.

The IOS 7 maybe new, but not new enough that it can’t be supported.iPad and iPhone 5s/5C and the lastest iTunes users can have no greater friend than Aiseesoft this early in the game.

Once again Aiseesoft has moved to the head of the class by creating the world’s first iOS 7 supported transfer software packages.

Aiseesoft has successfully transferred millions of files and has now released its software packages to the public.

Top recommended Aiseesoft software includes:

  • Aiseesoft iPhone Transfer Platinum

The best assistant for backing up music, movies, pictures, TV shows, postcasts, iTunes U, ebooks, camera rolls, ringtones, SMS, contacts, voice memos, and camera shots. Its also the perfect transfer software for DVDs, music, and videos. Transfers from the computer to iPhone is fast and easy. Continue reading

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