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iOS 8 adoption rateThe share of devices with iOS 8 is now reached 73 percent of the total number of Apple tablets and smartphones.

iOS 7 is installed on 24% of the devices (I suspect that most of them – iPhone 4S, – Ed.), earlier versions – on 3% of the devices (According to latest data from Apple’s official App Store Distribution page.) Continue reading

USA Department of DefenseThe U.S. Defense Department is going to buy about 650,000 iOS-devices from Apple. Acquired smartphones and tablets will store sensitive information, because of what equipment will be substantially modified. Thus, the value of the products may increase several times.

Electronista found that the U.S. Department of Defense make an order for the purchase of hardware from Apple. Organization is going to buy about 650,000 iOS-devices. Such a decision, the military came after long testing, in which in particular have dropped BlackBerry device 10 (they are rejected for economic reasons).

The Ministry of Defence is going to buy 120,000 iPad, 100,000 iPad mini, iPod touch 200,000 and 210,000 iPhone. In this paper, not told what model will be redeemed. For your new device, do not say it, but says Electronista, more than half will go directly to the field or in the fleet and the pockets of a staff manual. A huge number of vehicles will also be sent to the Pentagon. ”

Insiders claim that the iOS-devices will have to replace almost all of the old BlackBerry-devices, which are now no longer compatible with the new operating system, BlackBerry 10. The Ministry of Defence claims that employees are used every day around 470,000 BlackBerry-smartphone, none of which no BlackBerry 10.

The Ministry of Defence said that in general in the service of the military in the next three years will be 8 million smartphones, most of which will be used to store and transmit sensitive information. These devices will also be subjected to major modifications to guarantee data security. These upgrades can increase the cost of devices in 4 times. In 2012, the U.S. government has spent on information technology at $ 80 billion

Mailbox for iPhoneMost of today’s users, the leading e-mail correspondence with your smartphone to face the same problems. Tired clean up the mailbox from the accumulated garbage? Not cope with the volume of mail and forget to regularly respond to important messages? Perhaps the e-mail client called Mailbox – this is exactly what you need.

Developers at Orchestra claim that their product is able to bring to work with e-mail on the screen handheld device to a new level. Of course, despite its revolutionary, Mailbox application supports most familiar features. You can read incoming messages and respond to them, to organize sending a message to several correspondents, etc. A built-in search engines can help you quickly find the desired letter by keyword. However, a notable difference from other mobile Mailbox customers found already in the process of getting acquainted with the user interface application.

Caring for the productivity of the users, the developers decided not to overload the interface numerous buttons. Most common operations, such as archiving or deleting posts spam messages from the mailbox, made with simple and natural gestures. And the process of writing and sending e-mail feels most like posting to ‘tweet’.

Special mention deserve the proposed modes of viewing emails. Evidence of correspondence with the user can be displayed in a continuous stream of messages. By default, this mode Mailbox displays only the ‘body’ of each message. However, one slight movement you can display additional information, including the contents of the fields ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Subject’, and others. Continue reading

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